What Can a PUA Do for You?

Really? What girl is NOT gonna go for this guy?! He's a true PUA!

Really? What girl is NOT gonna go for this guy?! He’s a true PUA!

Don’t freak out. A PUA is not a new government spending bill and it’s not an irritating miniature purse dog. It’s so much cooler than that.

The all-mighty Pick Up Artist (also known as a PUA, not to be confused with a pupa which is a slimy baby insect), might seem like a stereotype reserved for tan, muscular white guys who overcompensate with expensive cars, but that’s not always the case.

It’s true, Asian PUAs do exist, and even a phenomenon known as Asian dating coaches as well. It almost seems like an oxymoron – Asian PUA. Think about it, Asian’s are not well-known for their easy one-liners leading to seduction, and you almost never hear people say, “Man, I’m tired of all these suave Asian guys coming in here and sexy dancing their way into all the girls’ hearts!”

But actually, Asian guys have quite the potential to be awesome PUAs and seductive attractors of women; in fact, they’re kind of better at it than most guys! It’s just that being a master-PUA of women–especially white women, where some Asian guys feel out of their comfort zones–is a learned art. It may not come naturally to most guys, but it can be done. And I am not going to trash talk about pick up artists, the sleazy Hollywood caricature of the pot-bellied, hairy-chested guy who can’t remember how many buttons go on his shirt or can’t feel the after effects of wearing eight pounds of gold chains around his neck, a guy running around tricking women into having sex through cheesy lines, gimmicks, and even manipulation, but don’t worry, this is far from the truth. Besides, no one here expects that of you (if you happen to like to dress like that, your secret is safe with us…for twenty bucks).

This article is about how one can learn from an Asian pick up artist to help them succeed in the dating world, starting with the man-auction that is the dance floor.

A pick up artist is a man who made the effort to improve his success and abilities with women and is constantly improving and making progress. It goes beyond the art of the picking up women, but on becoming an attractive, interesting man Asian man, the kind of guy girls just naturally gravitate to.  A pickup artist is well rounded and is continually improving upon his inner game, outer game, and lifestyle.

Since you know what a PUA is, you can PUA too!


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