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It’s About Time! Hollywood Movies Embrace Normal Asian Guys with White Girls

There’s this really funny thing that happened, but it’s one of those “funny in retrospect” kind of things. I think it’s one of those really offensive things you know deep down you shouldn’t be laughing at, but I also know that it was too shocking at the time not to laugh at it. I’m sitting […]

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The Asian Playboy Shows Us How It’s Done – Part One

You guys have to see this.  J.T. Tran, AKA Asian Playboy, was featured on ABC Nightline. The camera crew followed him and his students in a training session and a night out, practicing their game. As Ronald correctly notes, too many Asian guys stay within their comforting Asian circles and seldom venture out. First, I’m […]

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Peter Chao and His Hot Girlfriend Get Really Nasty

THIS is true love. The absolute best thing about this video of Peter Chao and his stunning girlfriend is the sheer volume of really nasty suggestive things they say to each other by mistake: “This feels like mayonnaise on your face.” “Your hands are so pasty.” “That feels so wet.” “Make sure it’s flat when […]

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Glenn and Maggie from The Walking Dead

On the hit show The Walking Dead fictional characters Glenn and Maggie hit if off in Season 2. The real characters, Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan are actually newbies in the acting world. You may recognize Lauren from Van Wilder: Rise of Taj (with another Indian guy). Steven is a relatively new Korean actor that […]

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Asian Guys at the Club Dancing with White girls

I was out this past weekend and I ran into something peculiar. It was Asian guys with white girls, but this time they were dancing with them. It was very interesting to see and I took out my phone and snapped a few pictures and even got a few videos. In this blog I will […]

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